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Corporate Vision


Infinite Creativity, Art Life


1. The growth of employees is the foundation of a company.


2. Creating value for customers is the source of the company's sustainable development.


Pursuing excellence, leading the industry and achieving world brand;


4. Contributing to the Creation of a Green Environment


[Seven Stars Values] Look up at the stars one by one, down-to-earth


Dreams can be realized


Tolerance and respect


Sunshine integrity


Sincerity and trust


Fairness and justice


Legal compliance


[DAVA Operating Concept]


Everyone has the right way to do business. Since I began to change, I have taken the initiative to manage individuals, teams, businesses and families.


Sustainable competitiveness, not mercenary


DAVA's View of Happiness


Happiness is not only emotions, but also productivity. Work happily, live happily, and realize career and life


Maximum value