EuroShop 2020

The German shopping mall supplies exhibition EuroShop was founded in 1966. It is held every three years and has a history of more than 40 years. It is currently the world ’s retail-related facilities, equipment and technology exhibition activities. Industry event, this authoritative exhibition has only one opportunity to participate in three years. At EuroShop 2020, exhibitors from the global retail industry will gather in Düsseldorf.

Here we have found professional partner from all over the world, discuss cooperation plans with them to open local market and know more about the local market trend, and also a good opportunity to meet old customers; here, we can got the dynamics of the mall supplies industry and the marketing concept. EuroShop is not only a good platform for exploring the market and finding business opportunities, but also a great opportunity to expand our horizons and learn.

We are dedicated to offer you the professional holographic visual commercial solution.

Forging a global 3D display network together!

Look forward to our cooperation.

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